Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Make your own mallet

Getting your own mallet is an important step in polo evolution. We have a pool of mallets which first-time players are welcome to borrow, but personally I find it much easier to play consistently (poorly) if I use the same mallet each time.

There's also something very satisfying about making your own mallet. It's like Luke Skywalker's light sabre - build it and your Jedi skills will be complete.

There are already a few blogs out there with full details on how to build a mallet, here's one of the best:

If you've read that page and you're thinking "where the flip do I get all this obscure stuff in Bristol?", read on!

Ski poles are available via the 'bay (wait for a suitably cheap pair) or from charity shops.

63mm HDPE pipe can be tricky to source, as it's not used for domestic purposes. Don't be tempted to substitute drainpipe - it's just not tough enough. Try hanging round roadworks and building sites, being friendly to workmen, and checking skips. If that fails, Frazers on Winterstoke Road sell it, but in 6-metre lengths! We may have a few spare bits, so get in touch if you're stuck.

Bolts can be had from pretty much any hardware store. Try Lion Stores on North Street.

Hockey tape can be garnered from Gyles Brothers on Blackboy Hill. Or there are more fun designs available on eBay.

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