Our first tourney is go!

  • It's taking place on Sunday 12 September, 11.00 to 4.00. Get there for 10.00 to get some practice in!
  • It's free to enter.
  • It'll be a "double elimination" format, with each team getting to play at least two games (more if you win).
  • It's being held at the hallowed turf of The Deaner.
  • If you're travelling down to play there's a good chance we can accommodate you on the Saturday night. Email the address below if you're interested.
 To register, just email with your team name.

Teams entered so far:

1. Team Josh, Cameron, James (London)
2. Hans Polo - Tabs, Jake, Rich (Bristol)
3. Bishops Finger - Chan, Mirek, Ben (Manchester)
4. The Toffees - Dan, Sean, Rebecca (Oxford)
5. Oxford #2 - Steven, John, James (Oxford)
6. SoYo PoloCo (Sheffield)
7. Imperial (Sheffeld)
8. 1# (Cardiff)
9. 2# (Cardiff)
10. London Pride - Max, Gormley, Growup (LDN)
11. Polo-comotion - Paddy, Antony, Celia (Bristol)
12. Team Taylored Cycles - Posh, Nouveau, Edd (Bristol)
13. Bournemouth - Reg & TBC

Saturday throw-ins - I've been asked about the likelihood of this, please let us know if you are coming down the night before and we can arrange something.

Bring a lock of some sort for your bike. There will be a lot of people we don't know on the day and you will need to be mindful of your gear. There should be enough room for bags within the court but not all bike.